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Lessons from childhood stay with you forever. And we want to celebrate these moments when you or your child did something right to inspire the world.

We are creating a book on everything 'right' for the children of India. Share with us a story from your childhood, or something right that your child did.

Do Right Stories

Honesty. Kindness. Compassion. Respect. Integrity.

All strong words with an in depth meaning but left with a shallow value practically!

Write a story on one or more of the five themes above that show how you as a child or your child did the right thing and illustrated these values.

Prizes to be won

Do Right - First Prize

First Prize

iPad Mini
16 GB

Do Right - Second Prize

Second Prize

Lumia 520

Do Right - Third Prize

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Rs.500 each

Last date: Aug. 18, 2013
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